Pick Your Skateboard

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How to pick your skate when you are still learning?

What you need to know when skateboarding?

When you begin skateboarding and you don’t know much about it, picking your first skateboard may appear to be confounded. Surely, many brands are available of the skateboard and offer you a huge number of assistants to prepare your board. So on the off chance that you are searching for an amateur skate, you might be somewhat lost however don’t be anxious on the grounds that we will attempt to answer every one of your inquiries through this article which will permit you, toward the finish of his perusing, To pick your skateboard regardless of the possibility that you are an apprentice.

Tips for choosing your skateboard

In order to have a skateboard (also called board or deck) that suits you perfectly, you have to pay attention to several criteria. The first being the size (width) of your board. An important point that will allow you to be more or less comfortable with your skateboard. Different sizes exist but it will be up to you to find your ideal size that best suits your requirements.

Also note that according to the skate you will practice (walk, skatepark, bowl or street), the recommended board sizes will not be the same.
How is a skateboard manufactured?

Before telling you more about how to choose your skateboard, we suggest you explain how a skateboard is built.

It should be noted that generally a board is made from Canadian wood and more specifically from maple wood that is known to have the advantage of being both very resistant but still flexible enough. Ideally, the board should not have any knots, as this will distort its behavior or reduce its impact resistance.

There are also skateboard boards made from different materials such as, for example, carbon fiber.

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